Welcome on the safe side!

In our modern world we are confronted with ongoing change that demands adequate reaction. Facing uncertainty, defining ambitious goals and finding to achieve them, following the path fiercely without losing orientation, is crucial for our clients entrepreneurial and private success. Due to our many years of professional experience, we see ourselves as your strategic companion for successfully mastering this challenge.

New Thinking

Traditional structures break up, ways of life become ever more diverse, and at the same time the flood of laws is growing. New thinking is needed: reducing complexity to the essentials. We know how to break down complex issues to their essentials without losing sight of important details. SchneideR’S attorney-at-law LLP with its experienced general partner Dr. Robert Schneider provides you

• comprehensive legal advice

• at the highest level

• at fair prices

in all legal, tax and economic matters of modern companies in Austria and abroad. Our special expertise refers to tax and customs law as well as energy law.

As a single lawyer’s firm, our true greatness is deployed by close cooperation with excellent partners in Austria, Europe and Asia.

SchneideR’S attorney-at-law LLP was founded in 2003 as partnership under Austrian law by Robert Schneider as fully personal liable partner and family members as limited partners. The company is still exclusively family owned and is not subject to the influence of external partners. This guarantees absolute independence of the management in the acceptance of mandates and their care. The unlimited personal liability of Dr. Robert Schneider ensures the highest standards of quality of services.

Usually our services are charged on basis of time spent at hourly rates to be agreed.

A first orientation meeting is free.

“I do not claim to have immediate answers to all questions right away. But I promise you to search for and find sustainable solutions hand in hand with you and your needs.”
MMag. Dr. Robert Schneider